Audio,- and visual technology

The mission of this branch of us is to help education institutions improving the level of tuition, alternatively to help companies to increase the speed & efficiency of internal communication. Our product range starts at the entry-level featured visual devices and ends up at state-of-the-art technology. On site built-in appliances as well as portable and WiFi apparatus. Naturally, with supplementary accessories (screens, white boards, control elements, audio and lighting equipment).

"Sure" - might say anyone - "buying a projector is less than easy. Pick out one on the Net, having been delivered I pack out and switch it on. That's not a big bang! Why the hell I'd need either ITV Albatech or anyone else for that?"

This easy question is answered by our experience. Because with the help of ITV Albatech you can avoid such - usually late and bitter - recognitions as the easily purchased device:

  • has weak luminance, only usable for purpose after dusk or in darkened office - or
  • previous to each meeting the office furniture has to be reorganized (relocation of tables, books' understaffing, etc.) otherwise the presentation can be projected visibly and/or in proper size to read or see it - or
  • though it's portable, even so the size of the boss' office is either too big or too small so that you could suitably show your confidential business conceptions to him by projecting on the wall - or
  • each and every meeting has to be regularly interrupted with some 15 minutes' inevitable breaks until the next presenter manages to connect & adjust his laptop to the projector - or ... and so, and on ...

If you'd prefer safe navigation in the deceptively simple-looking World of visual technology, ITV Albatech is always at your hand. We're glad to advise you and help finding the optimal solution best matching both your operational requirements and your financial resources.

Then, we've not even mentioned our new line of interactive products, which - still rarely applied in business practice - would bring you into the future. Take freely any data or presentation of your deepest confidence. Connect to the device we offer and immediately you can share the information with your boss. Distance and place matters no longer. Or organize a meeting simultaneously for all subsidiaries, even if located on different continents. Draw or write your ideas on-screen by hand, and any of the others can freely erase, overwrite or amend your notes, concepts. Simply by hands, as well. With light-speed on-time updating for all distant participants. Just like being all of you in the very same meeting room. With being thousands of miles from each other. When finished, the fixed final data/conclusions can be immediately transferred to any number of company laptops. At maximum security of the precious information.

Have a dream to actively communicate with your distant colleagues at 100% efficiency & security, as if being in the same meeting room?

Want to accelerate the internal decision making process?

Looking for a way how to convince the Head Office - without the cost of 2 days' time & travel - about your new & confidential business plan in order to get ahead of your competitors?

If so, come to us and we'll help making your dreams come true. Call our business representative or contact our customer service by phone or send an e-mail to

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