On-line cash registers

Contact us onlineAre you in the retail business or run a shop in city center? Getting to enlarge your minimarket network? About to open a new restaurant in the nearby summer resort?

Trying to take a venture in fruit & vegetable merchandising or you've just realized that no yet flower-shop in the surrounding of the recently opened supermarket?

If so, you're not the one having time to feel bored!

We know it well: as an entrepreneur or shop owner you need to plan each penny where to allocate and each minute what to utilize for. Multitude of licenses, purchase of goods, shop staffing, authorities, operational costs, and many-many more to arrange ...

Though ITV Albatech can give you neither more revenue nor more time we are capable of helping you easing your mandatory obligations to comply with fiscal regulations. When it's about deploying an on-line cash register in your shop we're ready to overtake a big bunch of workload from your shoulders. No need to spend huge amount of time on the selection & purchase, installation and constant technical surveillance of the cash register.

So you will gain lots of extra time enabling you to focus more intensively on activities, which generate money for your business.

Our experienced colleagues are glad to help you selecting the cash register, best fitting to your business profile and goods turnover. We undertake the procurement, on-site delivery, statutory set-up and installation of your device. By fully adjusting our services to your daily personal schedule. Moreover, we give free of charge on-the-site training on the proper handling of the cash register.

And we'll always keep in mind that "time is money" for you: our service staff is constantly at standby. Should your cash register unexpectedly get out of order or one of your staff blocks all further selling transaction in the shop by mistakenly pushes a wrong button, we will not forget our duty.

You just give us a call or send an e-mail to our customer service and we're immediately on the move to help you. Because your business can never stop.

We know it.

For more than 20 years.

In gratitude of reading our long text above we are sharing one of our big "business secrets" with you:

During the last 20 years we've developed a special type of cash register, totally unique in the whole industry: the "Invisible" cash register.

How came this name?

The devices, offered, delivered and maintained by us are like invisible objects as if not being in your shop. They just silently, constantly and reliably do their duty...

Thinking about to have a try with our "ITV Albatech Invisible" cash register in your shop?

Just contact our customer service by phone or send an e-mail to info@itvalbatech.hu

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