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The operational service branch is the company's "flower of the flock". "What is this big pride for?"

We tell it.

Propagating services is easy, factually it's only a question of decision. Think it many. But supplying services entails huge responsibility. Think it very few. Service supply means selling promises of today for future expectations. Upfront, in advance without knowing the other party. For this - in our opinion - neither a splendid product nor an excellent device is enough. For this - in our opinion - neither a smart pricing strategy nor a set of top professionals is enough. Moreover - in our opinion - nor both the latter are enough.

In our opinion - beyond the above mentioned - engagement in service supply requires a lot more: self-understanding, sense of responsibility, faith, heart and soul. All these. Together.

Since - specially at the beginning - the customer receives nothing. On the contrary, the customer delivers: trust and confidence. Even more: pays for it. Us, we know it well at ITV Albatech so we perform our services in that awareness. With heart and soul.

That's what we are proud of.

Our duty to guarantee that your office appliances (printers, scanners, photocopiers, multifunctional devices) are constantly ready for operation. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Depending on your different operational requirements we smoothly adjust our services to your exact needs. We've developed several service packages to choose at your convenience. Starting from occasional repair/maintenance tasks up to full-scale, comprehensive operational services of all your office appliances, including not only on-the-site maintenance but all costs of spare parts, printing consumables and the replacement of the main elements of your machines, should it go wrong so badly during the years of operation.

And if - by chance - you're just lacking cash or CAPEX budget: no problem, we're behind you with support. We buy the office equipment of your need & desire, we deliver, install and supervise it at your premises.

These days, an increasing number of our competitors are publishing "incredibly advantageous" operational tariffs, flowered with incredibly "unbeatable" promises. We are walking on a different track. Moreover we're not publishing the names of our prestigious customers as references, either. Why?

Because we do not contract our partners in order to yield profit from their names.

Because we do not have "reference" customers. We only have CUSTOMERS. With capitals.

Because we know how quickly the saving of some cents becomes a huge loss when you miss the deadline of a millions-of-Euro tender because the printer goes wrong just before printing out your final & best bid..., or when full-time salary is paid for your F&A staff, although the invoicing department is blocked since morning because the service man can not arrive before tomorrow afternoon to check the malfunction of invoice-printer....

Because if you bring us your old or faulty device, we'll do our best to make it work properly again instead of trying to convince you why to buy a new one from us..

With the help of smartly located displays, "The best & cheapest meal in town" commercials and with pretty girls in the bar everyone can be easily pulled in a restaurant. Once.

ITV Albatech does not want to pull you in our "restaurant". We want you to return to us. Several times.

And not because it's the cheapest. But because it's excellent.

Interested in our services?  Please, call our business representative or contact our customer service by phone or send an e-mail to info@itvalbatech.hu

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